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Liam enjoys music and has been musical from an early age. He learned to read music at the age of seven, whilst learning the recorder at primary school.


Having mastered the recorder, he started having piano lessons at the age of eight for a period of just over a year. During this time, Liam also took up the trombone, but later gave it up to concentrate on the piano.


Even though Liam stopped having piano lessons, he continued to play and improve. For his GCSE music exam, he played grade 5 piano pieces, despite having never sat a formal grade exam in his life.


During his GCSE music course, Liam developed an interest for composing his own music. It was at this stage that he got his first taste of computer music.


Liam also used to be a member of a Samba percussion band and played a huge surdo drum and dabbled in a few other percussion instruments as well.


After a few years of being without a piano, Liam got back into playing and started writing his own music again. He is a member of PRS for music and has had his music used in television programmes on channels around the world - including Channel 4, MTV, TLC, Discovery and TV3.


Have a listen to some of his work below!




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